Covid-19 and the 2020 U.S. Election

Gretchen Thomas

Election years have always been a time of chaos; the decision of who will lead our country is at the forefront of the media. But what happens during the election year when the election isn’t the only thing ripping through all forms of media? And how will the regulation of COVID-19 change our typical voting styles? With isolation and social distancing create a problem for voters?

North Carolina has many safeguards in place for voters for the upcoming 2020 election. These guidelines are provided by the CDC and enforced by Governor Roy Cooper in an effort to create a safe environment while also maintaining the integrity of our democracy as United States citizens. As of There are three options for voters registered in North Carolina. Voters can either vote by absentee mail-in ballot, one-stop early voting cites, or by election day voting at assigned polling location. It is still recommended by the CDC to wear a mask or face covering and remain six feet apart while in the polling location, along with frequent hand washing to eliminate the likelihood of transferring illnesses to others. With this being said, the CDC asks that all persons feeling sick to stay home and use another option of voting that does not put others at risk.

Once one takes into account the mortality rate of coronavirus that has spread throughout the globe, and continues to spread through the United States, it is very obvious that coronavirus will be a key point in some of the political debates. While the two overarching political parties (Democratic vs. Republican) seem to have different ideas on the seriousness of COVID-19 and how it should be handled, it seems that overall they are looking at the candidates responses to these terrible times. Donald J. Trump is the Republican candidate and current president who is running for his second term while Joe R. Biden is running for his first Presidential campaign after being Vice President to Barrack Obama from 2009 to 2017. Each candidate has different opinions about the severity of COVID on American lives and economy.

Trump states that the US has the lowest mortality rates when in fact we have the highest death rate, and ninth highest deaths per capita. Trump also requested to slow down testing stating that the lower the number of tests administered, the lower number of positive tests received. Many have found Trump’s reaction time and initial response to COVID to be lacking. Meanwhile, Biden has called for an increase in COVID responses and stated that he plans on starting an initiative to “mount an effective national emergency response that saves lives, protects frontline workers, and minimize the spread of COVID-19 while also eliminating cost barriers for preventing of and care for COVID-19.” After looking at the responses from each candidate it is up to the majority to decided which candidate will not only help through COVID, but also help through all American needs.

In conclusion, COVID has been hot in the media since early December 2019 and has remained in the spotlight for the past nine months. With the election underway, COVID has become a hot-seat topic that is creating a whirlwind of response from voters on how the election should be handled. Overall, the 2020 election will remain the same as any other but increase the opportunities for a safe and distanced voting experience during the pandemic.



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